There is nothing more exciting to the foodie than the opportunity be part of the action at a busy, well run kitchen in the heat of a rockin’ night.  It is incredible to see how the entire staff, front and back, so fluidly prepare, plate and execute everything to get that dish to the table perfectly.

The Chef’s Table is a chance for those select few to virtually get involved with the only task at hand; to ENJOY.  Even better, your menu is discussed and planned before you arrive so it is a meal precisely designed for  you and your guests.  Your music is the sound of the kitchen, your décor is all the tools and equipment needed to orchestrate a perfect night at a packed restaurant and your senses will truly be tweaked.  Throughout the night you will witness the LOCAL team work their magic, and your only responsibility is to enjoy!

To reserve the Chef’s table call Angela KNIGHT directly at 248-291-5650!  While there is no set menu (that is left for you to decide in consultation with the culinary team) there is a minimum price of $100 per person (before tax and gratuity).  For parties of four or less, the minimum purchase is $500 (before tax and gratuity).  The Chef’s Table can accomodate parties of up to 8 people.